Participatory Reflection and Action (PRA) Study for Syrian Refugees in Jordan

In July of 2012, Questscope facilitated a Participatory Reflection and Action (PRA) study to gain a better understanding of the situation for Syrian refugees in Jordan.

The PRA is way to learn from and with community members in order to understand the complexities and dimensions of a particular subject. It is not intended to collect accurate statistical information. The methodology relies on partnership and is enhanced by community knowledge and local expertise in the process of analyzing problems and finding the best solutions. Community members are deeply involved in analyzing and evaluating data, and in identifying opportunities to build solutions, programs, and projects based on research results.

The most important feature of this particular PRA, which focuses on the educational situation of Syrian refugees in Jordan, is the participation of Jordanians and Syrians as one team in planning, implementing, and analyzing the study, and in realizing clearly the needs and problems of each community and the potential for constructive cooperation in proposing realistic ideas based in a clear understanding of the situation.

This report is a summary of the study which can be found here.