August Regional Update

In the past six months, Questscope has reached more than 1,000 Syrian refugees, restoring their chances for quality education and personal development, building community networks of support, and building the capacity of Syrian refugees to care for those marginalized in their own communities. The figures continue to grow.

Right now in Jordan, Questscope works with schools and community-based organizations to implement two forms of alternative education programs for refugees and youth who have dropped out of school:  Non-Formal Education (NFE) and Informal Education (IFE).  Youth who participate in NFE receive an equivalent of a 10th grade certificate upon completion, which empowers them to seek higher-level employment or attend a trade school.  Those participating in IFE are equipped with basic skills in order to enter a NFE program.

A picture of what’s happening by the numbers…

  • NFE centers serving Jordanian and Syrian youth: 37
  • Community-based organizations offering IFE: 6
  • Young people enrolled in alternative education programs (NFE/IFE): 800
  • Syrian refugee case managers and mentors: 84
  • Boys and girls that have mentors in Za’atari Refugee Camp: 339

Questscope mentoring and IFE projects are funded by the European Union and coordinated by UNESCO.