IFE Facilitators Participate in Training

Whether the result of displacement because of war, or an extended amount of time spent out-of-school, thousands of youth in Jordan have been left on the outskirts of society. Educationally and socially, they need advocates to offer a helping hand in redirecting their course. In a project funded by the European Union, and coordinated by UNESCO, Questscope's Informal Education (IFE) program provides a stepping-stone through dialogue-based education and activities alongside positive role models. Not only does participation in this program lead to educational and vocational opportunities; it introduces dignity, respect, trust and purpose.

Currently, Questscope works with community-based organizations in Jordan to operate six IFE centers. We rely on a dedicated team of facilitators—much like teachers—to guide discussion and foster positive relationships with youth in Jordan. Our facilitators are trained through structured workshops that focus on developing their leadership and communication skills, and help them better understand the needs of the youth we work with.

Recently, our staff held training sessions for 27 facilitators and recruiters from IFE centers in Ramtha, Irbid and Mafraq. A broad range of topics were covered in sessions held over five days, including problem-solving, active learning, and empathy and sympathy. The training also incorporated practice sessions and role-playing to help ensure facilitators are well equipped to transfer the skills they learned to practical use in the centers.

Thanks to the hard work of Questscope staff, and the dedication of our facilitators, we are able to continue offering a safe place for youth to engage in positive relationships that help them reshape their lives and the world around them.