Adding to the Beauty: Nadine's Story

I am still the same person I have always been. These challenges have not changed me—they complete me.”

Nadine is 23 years old, from Syria. She lives with her husband in Jordan, where they are both mentors and case coordinators for Questscope. They are committed to restoring hope for Syrian youth so that together, they can rebuild a better future.

Sitting in the Zaatari refugee camp, Nadine shares thoughts on hope.

In a flood of devastation that makes us feel that hope could not possibly exist, it’s through the bravery, determination and strength of Nadine and the millions of Syrians she represents that hope burns bright.

Nadine’s thoughts on hope were recently featured on Adding to the Beauty. Her voice is powerful. Her hope is inspirational. Read the full story here.


Andrew and Rebecca Ulasich are on an 18-month multi-destination journey crafted to explore, participate in, and share the stories of hope amidst brokenness through their website, Adding to the Beauty. On their journey, they stopped to visit Questscope in Jordan. Thank you, Andrew and Rebecca, for giving a voice to hope and beauty.