No Lost Generation

 Not only war and displacement can create a violent generation but also isolation would enhance the chances of creating at risk youth and socially alienated girls and boys.       

 No Lost Generation is the name of the new project Questscope is working on, in cooperation with Mercy Corps, mentoring around 200 Jordanian and Syrian Children, in 2 cities in Northern Jordan.

 Labeled as violent or socially alienated, would only make it harder for these boys and girls to find acceptance or chances to advance whether in their school or even in the community.

Collaborating with 40 mentors along with 8 mentor coordinators, and through mentoring relationships, those children will find someone who would provide a listening ear and a supporting back, and chances are they will start using words instead of hands, and replace violence with reason, thus saving a generation and even an entire community from the outcomes of war and from being lost.

 Oraib Feb15