2016: A Year in Review

When I am asked if I ever despair about the future of Syria, I am reminded of Gandalf's advice to Frodo in the Lord of the Rings: 'You can only despair if you already know the end of the story."

I don’t know the end of the story. Nobody does. But I know Syrians. They are amazing. I know the commitment of our Questscope community. And I know what could happen through these amazing people. So, hope, yes. Despair, no.

2016 was a challenging year. As the Syria crisis expanded in its destruction of lives, we extended our ability to reach into unnoticed places of hurt and pain where few others could go.

We provide hundreds of thousands of people with food, shelter, water, and medicine. We nurture spaces for healing and community in war zones and refugee camps. And we continue to go deeper into our shared mission of putting the last, first.

We've grown in strength this year because of our tireless staff and volunteers, who survive their own profound losses even as they bring about healing and positive change for others. Because of your commitment to walking alongside these amazing heroes, they not only survive, but also thrive as they bear up under the unbearable consequences of war.

2017 will bring more challenges in the coming year. We will be there, together. Thank you for helping rewrite the story of Syria – one person, one family, one community at a time.

Best wishes in the New Year,

Curt Rhodes
Founder and International Director