Willow Creek in Za'atari: Part 2

After spending a day with Questscope staff and volunteers, my entire perception of refugees has shifted. I left in awe of the joy, love and consideration I experienced and observed.

I think Western news often asks us to believe that refugees are under-resourced, under-skilled people who are living in hopeless and dark situations. It was beautiful to see the opposite at Questscope. The people I met were passionate teachers, talented artists, and hopeful souls that welcomed me with open arms. 

I remember my favorite moment of the day with tears in my eyes. A beautiful woman taught me how to make beaded keychains in the art caravan. Although we don't share a common language, culture, or religion, she invited me to participate, taught me her craft, and showered me with encouragement. 

It was an honor to spend a day observing and engaging in the work of Questscope. I hope that I never forget it, and I look forward to supporting the important work they are doing. 

Carly Smaha


Our friends at Willow Creek Community Church visited our Youth Center in Za'atari Camp last spring. Over the next few weeks, we'll be sharing some of their reflections and observations.