Reflections on Zaatri

By Jamie Resler
Approaching Zaatari camp in Jordan for the first time, I looked ahead to a sea of white. Thousands of tents and caravans now ‘home’ for more than 100,000 refugees, holding inside it stories of loss, terror, fear and strength hard to comprehend.
We passed through the main gate and slowly made our way through streets congested with hundreds of people and makeshift shops. Eventually, we arrived at Questscope’s site and were warmly greeted by refugees – now connected to Questscope as mentors, educators and case managers. 

Keys to Change

“We have the key,” Rabia said, “And no other organization here would do that.”
Trust is a scarce resource in Zaatari camp. When Questscope began its work more than eight months ago, many thought we were crazy for entrusting the keys of our classrooms to volunteers, who are all residents of the camp. We were told that our things would be stolen and that no one would agree on ownership of the key. We were breaking the mold.
Questscope trusts its volunteers in Zaatari because they are the experts of their world. The compound is...MORE