Preparing for Uncertainty

I’ve been working at Questscope for almost two years, and during that time I have been specifically dedicated to “Emergency Response,” an effort to limit the damage and suffering caused by the Syrian refugee crisis.
Think about that. An “emergency” that has been going on for two years, leaving people in a state of barely getting by.
By definition, an “emergency” is unexpected. And it is temporary. We were not meant to live in prolonged emergency. The psychological and physical toll is too great. The motion and commotion needed to treat an emergency, and the...MORE

Arriving Faster

Navigating the road in Zaatari refugee camp is not easy. Traveling on foot through the vast expanse of land filled with a haphazard collection of tents and caravans will not get you anywhere quickly. 
So when 17 bicycles were delivered to Questscope’s mentoring and education program site, there was a collective sigh of relief. Zaatari is now considered the fourth largest city in Jordan and the second largest refugee camp in the world. Through the Bawsal Asra’a “Arrive Faster” initiative, Syrian case managers and facilitators now have a reliable mode of transportation to move...MORE