A Better Future: Trading Violence for Community

Sufia stole from her classmates in school. Amer led a gang of boys in throwing stones at passing cars. Hani was caught spray-painting caravans.

Like Sufia, Amer and Hani, many young Syrian refugees living in Zaatari Camp have resorted to anti-social behavior in the face of frustration and boredom. Knowing this, Questscope reached out several months ago to youth in the camp to...MORE

Syrian case managers participate in training in Ajloun, Jordan

"This relaxing site helped us to see Zaatari camp in a positive way. It helped us see the bright side of things.” Syrian case managers from Zaatari camp recently traveled with Questscope staff to Ajloun forest in northern Jordan for team building and training that focused on counseling, family guidance and psychological first aid. . Surrounded by a forest of green, fresh air and peaceful quiet, the setting provided a welcomed departure from the barren...MORE