Education Specialist

What is your title and role at Questscope?  I have been a Questscope Field Coordinator for 5 years. In that role I help to oversee alternative learning programs within partner organizations in Jordan. 
What did you do before you began work at Questscope?  Before becoming a Field Coordinator I was a teacher of special education for two years. I also spent two years as a volunteer and two years as a facilitator at Questscope.
Who or what inspires you?  My University Professor of Psychology – Aymad al-Zo’abi
What is your favorite part about working for Questscope?  Being able to see the change that happens in the life of Questscope beneficiaries–from the time they enter a program to the time they finish.
What do you like to do in your free time?  I enjoy meeting with friends at a cafe
What is a goal you have for the next year?  To move into a new house