Summer Camp

Abdullah's Story

This teenage boy lives in the middle of a graveyard. Each morning, when Abdullah wipes the sleep from his eyes, he sees row upon row of gravestones and open graves. Crammed into a tiny, one-room house with eight members of his family, he is surrounded by death and decay.

Abdullah doesn’t have the luxury of thinking about the future, of making plans for his life. He’s simply trying to get through today. He hungers for acceptance, a sense of purpose, and above all, love. He needs a place in this world.

Recently, Abdullah attended the Questscope Weekend Summer Camp where he learned healthy ways to communicate and build relationships. He found total acceptance from his counselor and mentors and was challenged to grow in ways he never imagined possible.

“Yesterday was good, and today is good,” Abdullah said during the camp. “But tomorrow I’ll have to return to my normal life.”

What good can a weekend do in the life of a child who’s known little more than heartache and disappointment? What can threedays accomplish? They can accomplish miracles. For the youth who attend, it’s the beginning of a whole new life, a life filled not with heartbreak and rejection, but rather with dreams, hope, and possibility.

Abdullah left school years ago when life’s burdens became too heavy for him to carry. He cannot read or write, and when he first started with us, he didn’t see much point to education. These days, Abdullah attends Questscope’s alternative education centre near his home where his mentors have helped him realize that there is value in an education––there is a way out of his living nightmare.

Since he is unable to afford the transportation cost of getting to our education centre on his own, Questscope also provides a transportation scholarship for Abdullah and is helping him find a part-time job that will give him the opportunity to get an education while earning extra income for himself and his family.

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