December 20, 2013

Sometimes you find yourself in the right place at the right time.


Never would I have imagined that living through a war in Lebanon 32 years ago would fit that category.  Out of that crisis, Questscope was born. 


In reflecting about this past year, it is impossible not to consider where it all started: a commitment to engage disadvantaged youth living on the edge of civil conflict. They were the last, but mattered the most to me.


Over the years, Questscope has been deeply engaged in the lives of young people. Relationships of stability in places of instability. 


This is where we found ourselves when the Syrian crisis hit - an ongoing conflict of unprecedented upheavals, plunging us into uncharted seas. 


Where do we go from here? 


We know the future is not going to be like the past. Old thinking won’t work anymore. We must adapt, but our compass point on these uncharted seas of change is the same – seek out the last, who need us to hear and to act.  


Once again, we find ourselves in the right place at the right time, and our commitment to the last is stronger than ever. We move forward together, with you. 


Curt Rhodes

Founder & International Director