Trauma Recovery

So many of the people we work with, and particularly refugees who have fled violence in Syria, have faced unspeakable tragedies. These families and individuals are suffering through terrible nightmares, feelings of hopelessness, loss, and despair, as well as clinical conditions like PTSD. Our trauma recovery programs work to combat the negative stigmas of mental health struggles and help people on the long road to healing.

Our unique approach works to inform, uplift, and heal through creativity. Through our co-creation partners like Me/We International and Barefoot Psychology, we encourage self-expression through storytelling, teach about the biological impact that trauma has on the mind and body, encourage young people to create through art and poetry, and give them the skills to make their own beautiful music. These programs are managed hand-in-hand with our Syrian refugee leaders in Za’atari Refugee Camp who inspired their creation and continue to drive their innovation. This work has been so successful that we’re now expanding outside the camp, kickstarting pilot programs throughout Jordan.

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