Muthanna Khriesat
November 06, 2023

Putting the Last, First requires clarity of vision and purpose.

Clarity of vision means that we always put ourselves alongside those with no choice, at greatest risk, and most likely not to be helped.

Clarity of purpose means that we will amplify efforts with like-minded people and groups who also come alongside those with no choice, at greatest risk, and most likely not to be helped.

 There is no “taking sides” to put the Last, First. There is only one side: to alleviate suffering of the Least and restore them to the dignity of human beings who matter.

The needs of civilians in Gaza are overwhelming. Our collective abilities in this situation will be more than any individual organization can have alone.

Questscope has joined an alliance of groups committed to those who are last and least. We will work through these groups with networks on the ground to mobilize people to reach out with a human touch to comfort and give life-saving assistance.

Addressing the needs of civilians in distress – children, women, families – will be multiplied through this alliance of organizations with experienced people on the ground to make a difference.

Please consider a donation to Questscope that will be amplified to bring water, food, medicine and shelter to those who have none.

In these difficult days, our 35-year history of putting the Last, First compels us to do just that. Put them first.

Thank you!


P.S. - Members of the Alliance include Med Global, UMR, HCI, Pious Projects, IHR, GMF, Molham Team, and Palestine Tomorrow.

P.P.S - You can support our Gaza Emergency Response through this link.

8 Aug23 Muthanna Headshot
Chief Executive Officer

Muthanna Khriesat

Muthanna Khriesat is the Chief Executive Officer of Questscope.  

In 1999, Muthanna joined Questscope as a volunteer and was exposed to a community of youth detached from society and in need of positive social change. Since then, he has dedicated his work to helping create social, educational, and entrepreneurial opportunities for marginalized youth. 

In his early years with Questscope he held various positions for Questscope related to knowledge management and administrative leadership, including program director for mentoring disadvantaged youth, as well as Chief of Party for a USAID-funded alternative education program for out-of-school youth. 

The extensive experience he earned through those various roles along with his dedication to furthering positive change in the MENA region led to his appointment as Jordan country director in 2010, and then Regional and Jordan Country Director in 2015. 

He continued to excel within Questscope, eventually leading to him becoming the first Chief Operating Officer of Questscope in 2020. In April, 2022, Muthanna succeeded Dr. Curt Rhodes to become the second Chief Executive Officer of Questscope.  

Muthanna is looking forward to taking Questscope to the next level and serving even more people than before. 

He holds a bachelor’s degree in computer science from the Princess Sumaya University of Technology in Amman, Jordan. He also has the distinct honor of being a 2021 Yale World Fellow. 

He resides in Minneapolis with his family and splits his time with Jordan.