November 25, 2013

By Jamie Resler


Approaching Zaatari camp in Jordan for the first time, I looked ahead to a sea of white. Thousands of tents and caravans now ‘home’ for more than 100,000 refugees, holding inside it stories of loss, terror, fear and strength hard to comprehend.


We passed through the main gate and slowly made our way through streets congested with hundreds of people and makeshift shops. Eventually, we arrived at Questscope’s site and were warmly greeted by refugees – now connected to Questscope as mentors, educators and case managers. 


After hearing some of the refugees’ stories, I was overwhelmed by a range of emotions. Some of the refugees walked three days nonstop to cross into Zaatari, risking sniper attacks and bringing only the clothes on their backs. Almost all of them left family behind, who now are unable to leave Syria to join them.


These young men and women have little to hope for, they told me. But the overwhelming sentiment they shared was that the hope they do have comes through Questscope’s investment, love, trust and respect for them.


Beyond their words, I could feel the security, comfort and community these refugees were experiencing as a result of Questscope’s impact. I saw the mission of Questscope living and breathing. It is incredible to realize that meaningful change is happening, as stories of hope and strength to rebuild a nation emerge from the dust.