Questscope developed one of the largest civic engagement programs in Jordan, training thousands of student volunteers from Jordanian universities to mentor other thousands of young people at risk of juvenile delinquency.

Questscope’s success in this area led to a joint initiative with the Jordanian Ministry of Social Development and the World Bank, expanding the Questscope mentoring model to every juvenile center in the country. In 2013, Questscope adapted its mentoring program to the particular circumstances of young people displaced by war and violence in the Za’atari Refugee Camp.

Questscope launched a Youth Center that has reached more than 3,000 young people in the camp, led and directed by a core team of 50 visionary Syrian volunteers. A central goal in developing leadership in youth involves reconstructing their identities after the crisis of displacement and violence – equipping them with the capability to negotiate the uncertainty and unpredictability of being a refugee.